Get Involved!

KEYS could not run without the brilliant team of volunteers we have up and down the country. We have two main volunteer roles that you can do – Detox Coach and Befriender. KEYS will provide full 2 days training and induction, ongoing supervision and regular team meetings. Get in touch with us for an application pack. We also need help with promoting the service by distributing publicity across the areas where KEYS teams are based.

Here is some more information about our different volunteering opportunities:

Detox Coach

This is a rewarding role and is a vital part of the clients’ detox process. It involves spending time with the client in the run up to their detox, preparing them for what’s ahead, meeting with them most days during their one or two-week detox and being available over the phone should the client need extra support. You will be well supported in this process and will receive supervision from your Centre Manager during all detoxes.

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to make this kind of time commitment. There is, however, no set requirement as to how many detoxes a coach will support. Perhaps two per year will be a general expectation and that should allow a good amount of time off!


For those who may not have the time to be involved as a Detox Coach, becoming a Befriender is also a very valuable way of supporting this work. A Befriender is someone who can support our clients in preparation for, or during a detox by joining meetings lead by a KEYS Detox Coach or by simply meeting up with the client to offer support and encouragement.


If you have a couple hours to spare each week, why not spread the word of KEYS by distributing flyers in your local community and putting up posters in local pharmacies and health centres. 

If you are interested in volunteering please call 0800 634 9638 or email


Why not run your own fundraising event and raise money to go towards our work? We can support you with resources and any information that you may need. Click here to get in touch with us.


We would love it if you could join us in praying for the project as we meet the broken and those in desperate need of freedom from addiction. Sign up here for our monthly prayer and news bulletin.


We rely entirely on charitable donations so we seriously need financial support to be able to help release people from their addictions!  Please click on the ‘donate’ button either to make a one-off card payment or to set up a regular monthly donation from your current account by direct debit.

Any contribution, however small, will be very much appreciated!

We are a registered charity so if you are a UK taxpayer, we will also be able to claim Gift Aid.