Sophie’s Story

Sophie talks about her experience of KEYS detox and how God has changed her life. She was able to overcome her long term alcohol addiction through our “Supported & Controlled Alcohol Reduction (SCAR) Detox Protocol” with the help of KEYS team members.

Duncan's Story

Duncan shares his story of becoming free from his alcohol addiction. He was supported by his KEYS team using our safe and simple “Supported & Controlled Alcohol Reduction (SCAR) Detox Protocol”.

Ray's Story

Ray gives an account of his detox from alcohol with a safe regime of controlled alcohol reductions, therefore not requiring detox medication. This was undertaken with close support by his local KEYS team, and in liaison with his GP.

Peter's Story

Peter was addicted to tramadol for 15 years which ended up giving him severe health problems. KEYS enabled Peter to detox safely, he is no longer addicted to tramadol and he is now able to support people going through the same process that he went through.

Sean's Story

Sean used alcohol to combat fear and despair. Through The KEYS Project he has managed to turn his life around. Watch his story of transformation, from being addicted to drugs and alcohol to becoming a detox coach himself!

Isabella's Story

I was introduced to the KEYS Community Detox through friends that I met at my church, I don't know where to start in expressing my gratitude to the KEYS Community Detox team for their help in releasing me from the prison of addiction to diazepam, which had taken over my life for the best part of a year.
I have now been free of drugs for six weeks, and I feel like I've been given another chance at life. The team are still in contact and really care about my continued progress. I don't know where else someone like me can be made to feel so important and be given real hope of leading a life that is worthwhile. I feel brand new, which isn't always easy as I'm learning to feel again, but I would not change it for anything.

Tom's story

After having been abstinent from alcohol for three years I had started to lose my commitment to recovery. My faith in God, which had always propped up my sobriety, was drifting as well. I had become generally unhappy with my life and I drifted back into drinking again thinking that I might be able to control it. I quickly found myself trapped in both psychological and severe physical dependency on alcohol just as I had been a few years before. My health deteriorated and I was full of fear and shame. I knew that I couldn't pull myself out of this addiction alone and was in a panic, getting more and more ill but unable to stop drinking.

People from the church I am part of became aware of my situation and referred me to the KEYS Community Detox team who responded extremely quickly.

Almost immediately, there was a plan ready for me to detox from alcohol at home with KEYS volunteers and others from the church supporting me through the first few days and nights. The team ensured that I was given medication as prescribed to make my detox from alcohol safe and ease the withdrawal process. The kindness and entirely non-judgemental approach of the team during that time made me feel like all was not lost, that there was a way forward. They talked with me and prayed with me every day and once I was well enough, started to help me re-engage with recovery support groups and church groups where I could refresh and deepen my faith again. When I no longer needed such intensive support, people from the team continued to stay in touch with encouraging calls and texts which meant a lot in those early stages of recovery as I was trying to get my life back together. 

One month on from the detox I feel happy, healthy and grateful to be alive. I feel like I've been given a second chance and a fresh start in my faith and my recovery. I really believe now that staying off alcohol for good is do-able and a desirable way of life, not just a harsh necessity. Without the intervention of the KEYS Community Detox Team when I was at my lowest point, I don't know where I'd be today. In the future I intend to stay actively involved in recovery groups and at some point hope to be able to help others who are struggling with alcohol and other addictions be it through Keys or similar projects.

Jake's Story

Jake tells his own story - from living rough and being heavily dependent upon alcohol, to detox and restoration.


A client's mother writes:

"I want to say how much I admire what you and the team have done. I greatly appreciate and respect this work and cannot find an expression for the utter relief and gratitude for what you did for my son, what you are dong for others and the humble spirit with which you go about it. 

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